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Over the past 18 years, Mindy Rubenstein has worked as a journalist and editor for print and online publications, interviewing business owners and other leaders and telling their stories.

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She served as a communications manager for a company with 16,000 employees, received a national journalism award for religion writing in the secular media for her Faith and Motion series, and publishes magazines for Jewish women.

Mrs. Rubenstein serves as a guest speaker for various programs, including the Tidewater Jewish Community Center’s Challah Bake, which drew more than 200 women. She also speaks to smaller groups about her personal and professional journey.


In 2014, she founded Nishei, a printed magazine for Jewish women. Hebrew for “women of…” Nishei’s sections include Torah Insights, Kosher Cooking, Relationships, Home & Garden, Poetry & Perspectives, Aliyah & Eretz Yisrael, Health & Healing, as well as Reflections, personal essays on growth and emunah (faith in G-d).

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Holy Women Magazine

Mrs. Rubenstein recently began publishing HolyWomen.org and Holy Women Magazine, which serve to unite, inspire and educate Jewish women of all backgrounds.

To learn more, contact us here or call 404-542-5800.

“Working with Mrs. Rubenstein gave me a new appreciation for writing — that it could be really enjoyable.” — M.H., high school freshman

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