mindyAs a longtime journalist and writer with two decades of experience in print and online, I help mission-driven organizations tell their stories.

My clients include schools, synagogues, nonprofits serving children with special needs, life coaches, mental health advocates and family-owned businesses.

Using a combination of articles, press releases, social media, blogs, website content and other media, I conduct interviews, do research and discover what makes you and your organization unique.

When I feel passionate about your mission and goals, that shows through the stories I share about you. And your audience will want to connect and support you.


Words are my passion. I help children, adults and seniors improve their writing. Using a combination of emails, phone calls and online collaboration, I’ll help you edit your book, article or essay.

We start with a 20-minute phone call to talk about your project and see how I can help you.


As editor of Nishei, a nonprofit quarterly publication, I encourage Jewish women and teenage girls of all backgrounds to create and connect. Beyond Nishei, I help students of all ages develop their writing skills so they can be confident communicators, whether it’s for school, work or personal growth.

Feeling stuck? Let’s talk about your goals and get you moving forward.





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