As a professional journalist and writer, I’m passionate about sharing my ongoing story of struggle and redemption.

It is only by knowing darkness that we can ever truly appreciate the light. But first, we must learn to illuminate our past so that we can move forward as stronger, more enlightened human beings, with G-d’s help.

Like all of us, I’ve experienced — and continue to experience — my share of pain, but I have learned to use life’s challenges as a springboard for growth and an opportunity to help others.


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As founding editor of Nishei Ora | Women of Light, a nonprofit quarterly publication, I help women and teen girls create and connect through inspiring artwork and writing.

I also serve as a writing teacher and tutor, encouraging adults and children to be more vulnerable, authentic and confident in their writing.

As an emunah activist, I try to bring G-d into all I do. In this chaotic world, this mission sometimes feels like a lonely endeavor.

But each morning, I awake with a prayer of gratitude, thanking my Creator for having faith in me — and for giving me another day here to serve Him.

Please join me on this beautiful journey.

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