I recently started teaching Judiac studies at a local private school. Though I have taught at Jewish schools in Virginia and Florida, much of my 20-year career has been in Jewish journalism and publishing. As a BT, I chose to live a Torah-observant lifestyle and have been learning with rabbis, rebbetzins and chavrusahs through Oorah and Chabad since 2007. I feel blessed that Hashem has given me the opportunity to share my expanding knowledge and passion for Torah with middle-school girls.

Today in class we began discussing the halachos (rules/laws) of the morning routine, setting the foundation for the day and ultimately for our lives.

1. One should be aware of the fact that G‑d always stands near her and observes her doings, for G‑d fills the whole earth with His glory. (Shulchan Aruch, Chapter 1)


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