Coaching & Workshops

Mindy Rubenstein is a certified Personal and Professional Development Coach through Rabbi Aryeh Nivin. She specializes in helping women and teens express themselves through writing, including one-on-one sessions and workshops.

She also publishes and Holy Women Magazine, which serve to unite, inspire and educate women through writing and art. As the magazine’s editor, Rubenstein helps guide non-professional and aspiring writers throughout the process, from idea to print.

“Working with Mrs. Rubenstein gave me a new appreciation for writing — that it could be really enjoyable.” — M.H., high school freshman


Whether you’re a teen, a mom or a senior, receive one-on-one coaching with a professional, published writer and coach.

Reach out today for a free consultation, and take the next step in improving your writing or completing a writing project.

Coaching sessions can focus on:

  • Writing a Memoir
  • Preparing a College Essay
  • Journaling as Therapy
  • Writing for Work

To discuss your goals, fill out the form or call 404-542-5800.

Writing Workshops

Book a customized writing workshop for groups ranging from 5-20 people. Rubenstein can offer customized writing prompts or guide participants to choose their own.

Workshops locations include:

  • Businesses
  • Schools
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Libraries

“I am so pleased with how well these workshops worked out – thank you so much for doing them!”  — Mrs. Aviva Harpaz, Principal, BINA High School

To reserve a coaching or workshop session or to learn more, call 404-542-5800 or fill out the form here.