Classes and Tutoring

I am passionate about writing and teaching Jewish topics to women and girls. I chose to live an observant Torah life at age 30, including shabbat, kosher and the myriad details and customs. Since 2007, I have worked closely with chavrusahs (learning partners) in Monsey, NY, and Lakewood, NJ, as well as rabbis and rebbetzins through Chabad and Oorah.

I continue to study Torah daily, including Jewish mysticism, and to strengthen my relationship with G-d. I love taking the text and ideas of our holy seforim (books) and bringing them to life so they are relatable for me and others.

I have written and published hundreds of articles about my religious and spiritual journey, as well as others’ journeys, for Chabad.org, TheJewishWoman.org, and on my blog, MindyRubenstein.com.

I offer classes and tutoring online and in-person for students of all ages, and I especially love working with middle- and high-school girls. I have taught in classrooms at Toras Chaim and Bina High School in Norfolk, VA, Yotzer Ohr Academy of Torah & Art in Miami; as well as Aquinas International Academy, an online school for Russian students.

In 2015, I started Nishei Ora, a quarterly magazine for and by Jewish women of all backgrounds (www.Nishei.org). Currently, I serve as volunteer editor of Nishei Ora and teach/tutor independently.

Online and In-Person (Miami, Surfside, Aventura)

Ages 10-Adult 

  • Be more authentic in your writing 
  • Write stellar school essays 
  • Develop your memoir 
  • Journal for healing and growth

“Working with Mrs. Rubenstein gave me a new appreciation for writing — that it could be really enjoyable.” — Miriam H., high school student

“A big thanks to Mindy Rubenstein for helping me get my article published and helping me explain my life-changing summer!” — Brandon M., college student 

“Mindy gently pushed me to keep working on an article about my trip to Israel. Not only did I finish the article and get it published, but I went on to write a book!” — Jane B., doula and teacher

“In her capacity as an editor and coach, Mindy empowers her writers, guides them and manages to get the best outcome. She gives direction that inspires and challenges her writers to get to the heart of their stories. Always generous and thoughtful, she is also very disciplined and asks the same from her team.” — Judith Fox-Goldstein, entrepreneur, artist and writer

”Thank you Mindy… our relationship is just so special. YOU take me to places in my heart that have been covered for so many years. Rediscovering my family and my roots is bringing me a comfort I never anticipated.  And, it appears that my grandchildren (Jewish/Latino) have taken up an interest in Judaism and my youngest one has now expressed a desire to study Hebrew.” — Anna P.

Option 1: 4 Sessions ~ $160

Option 2: 8 Sessions ~ $290

Option 3: 12 Sessions ~ $380