A spiritual advisor is a person who is deeply rooted and connected to G-d and is able to help others on their personal spiritual paths. Your spiritual advisor helps you to connect to G-d and yourself. They don’t make decisions for you but are your guide throughout your journey. 

Spiritual advisors assist you with many things such as spiritual connection, life direction, career, family, health, and more. Their direction has a spiritual focus and brings you back to your center.

Spiritual advisors use their experience, education, and connection to the Divine to give the answers you seek or to point you in the right direction.

Spiritual Advisors are not therapists

Spiritual advisors are not licensed therapists. If you are in need of therapy, find someone who is qualified to assist you in this area. A spiritual advisor can sometimes help you find someone who is a good fit.

Therapists in conjunction with spiritual advisors can be beneficial. 

What can you expect from a Spiritual Advisor?

  1. Guidance in all areas of life with a spiritual foundation
  2. A sounding board for your thoughts, ideas, and feelings
  3. Help to reframe your thoughts and lovingly challenge you 
  4. Spiritual and energetic healing
  5. Suggested books, classes, exercises, and resources that will help on your journey 
  6. To be treated with love
  7. A person who will help you walk your unique path 

The Benefits of a Spiritual Advisor 

A trusted spiritual advisor is one of the best-kept secrets for improving your life. 

  1. Step into a new realm of mindfulness. 

When you have someone on call to show you how to be present in your body, how to stay with your breath, and to assist you in navigating life in a calm and self-assured way, it will change the way you make decisions and that will change your life. 

2. Establish a new baseline for peace.

It can be difficult to let go of traumatic situations and this can cause you to relive and reenact your past. A Spiritual Advisor will call these behaviors and ways of thinking to your attention while giving you the tools you need to change. Over time you will notice that you self correct faster and step into a new way of being and thinking. 

3. Trust yourself and your intuition.

Great spiritual advisors point you back to yourself and show you how to strengthen and utilize your personal power. You will have built a strong spiritual center where you no longer question your own motives, desires, and needs. 

4. Make better choices faster and with confidence.

Sometimes you need someone to confirm your thoughts. You need to know you’re on the right track or if you need to course correct. Spiritual Advisors help you get to the core of who you are and what you want. They remind you of your core values, boundaries, and needs when you need help.