Writing Coach

Everyone can write. While it may come seemingly easier for some, the ability to share thoughts through words is something anyone can achieve.

Mindy Rubenstein helps children and adults hone their writing skills, whether it’s for school, work or personal use. From essays to articles to poems to memoirs, she can help release the words within.

She offers workshops for small groups and one-on-one sessions.

Contact her to start writing with confidence.

“Working with Mrs. Rubenstein gave me a new appreciation for writing — that it could be really enjoyable.” — M.H., high school freshman

Mindy_506630_resize_381__1_1Mindy Rubenstein has worked as a journalist and editor for 21 years, writing hundreds of articles that have appeared in dozens of publications, including the Tampa Bay Times, Atlanta Jewish TimesJerusalem PostJewish Pressand others. While writing for the Tampa Bay Times, she received a national journalism award for her Faith in Motion series.

For seven years Rubenstein served as a freelance news writer for Chabad.org, the most-visited Jewish website, and continues to write essays for TheJewishWoman.org and her blog.

She currently works as communications & editorial director for the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Jewish News.

In 2014, Rubenstein founded the Jewish women’s magazine Nishei, leading a team of writers, editors and designers.

Rubenstein also serves as a writing coach, helping children and adults become confident writers. To learn more, send her a message.